Gracias a Korero Books por incluir una vez más a Leviathan en otra de sus interesantísimas publicaciones.

‘Motorcycle Graphics. Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration’ es una recopilación de trabajos de los mejores ilustradores de todo el mundo con una única y absoluta fijación que nosotros también compartimos: las motos.

Ficha técnica:

Título: ‘Motorcycle Graphics. Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration’

Autor: Gary Inman

Tapa dura: 254 páginas

Editor: Graffito Books (26 de julio de 2013)

Idioma: Inglés

ISBN-10: 1909051004

ISBN-13: 978-1909051003

La más completa colección de arte biker contemporáneo jamás compilada, con los principales artistas outsiders de los EE.UU., Reino Unido, Europa, Australia y Japón. Choppers, Road Rockets, Greasers, Café Racers, Dirt Trackers y creaciones conceptuales. Está representada cada tribu, cada subcultura y cada sombra de la emoción que estas “máquinas de la libertad cuatro-tiempos” inspiran. Este es el arte que captura los sueños y realidades de los motociclistas del mundo.


Thanks to Korero Books to include Leviathan once again in another of its very interesting publications.

‘Motorcycle Graphics. Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration’ is a collection of works of the best illustrators from across the world with an obsession we also share: motorbikes.

Title: ‘Motorcycle Graphics. Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration’

Author: Gary Inman

Hardcover: 254 pages

Editor: Graffito Books (July 26, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1909051004

ISBN-13: 978-1909051003

The most complete collection of contemporary bike art ever compiled, by leading outsider artists from the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Japan. Choppers, Road Rockets, Greasers, Café Racers, Dirt Trackers and Conceptual creations. Every tribe, sub-culture and shade of emotion which foour-stroke freedom machines inspire is represented. This is the art that captures the dreams and realities of every motorcyclist in the world.

More than 30 artists from across the globe share their art depicting freedom and speed in two dimensions


Classic and vintage motorbikes are once again at the epicenter of counterculture. Talk to any of the custom shops and you realize that filmmakers, artists, surfers, designers, skaters, and many A-list actors are buying, riding, and commissioning motorcycles that move them. After decades of being marketed as a midlife crisis toy, the motorcycle and the culture that surrounds it are returning to their authentic roots—real machines ridden by those who care about the machine and the release from quotidian drudgery, rather than show. In the wake of this cultural shift have emerged many new boutique custom shops and street riding outfitters. Even more significantly, a wave of vibrant new graphic design has emerged worldwide to give the movement its aesthetic stamp. It is this work which is documented here, and will be hugely inspiring to anyone on the scene and graphic designers alike. Artists include Will Barras (UK), Dirty Donny (San Francisco), Leviathan (Spain), Shawn McKinney (Los Angeles), Scarlett Rickard (UK), Lennard Schuurmans (Netherlands), Silent TV (France), Tokyo Guns (Japan), Carby Tuckwell (Australia), Chris Watson (UK), and Jeff Wright (Des Moines, Iowa).

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